Cheap B.B. Creams!

B.B. Creams are wildly known as “The Secret of Korean Actresses” magic tube, and to be honest, they do have flawless skin. Of course, we want to have a flawless and glowing skin too, thus, B.B. Creams are the IN skin products of 2012. B.B. Cream means “beauty balms” or “blemish balms” which instantly hides your imperfections.

The history of B.B. Creams started not in Korea but in Germany in 1960s. It was made by a dermatologist named Christine Schrammek to protect the skin of her patients after surgery. But it was mainly popularized and marketed in Korea and Japan since 1980s. In North America and other parts of the world the trend just entered in 2012. (

I’m a minimalist when it comes to my makeup, so BB creams give me that sheer and medium coverage. I bought  B.B. Creams from Filipino brands and two relatively cheap Korean and Chinese B.B. Creams just to see the difference among these products. I’ve used some of these products for months now. Snoe and Shawill are newly bought last December 2012 and this January.

Here are the relatively cheap BB Creams:


2012-11-16 23.58.26

Price: 195php for 50ml at any Ever Bilena stalls.

I once used EB products when I was in high school and honestly, I didn’t like their products. One, I couldn’t find any shades that matched my skin tone. Two, they didn’t stick and blend properly on my skin. Three, they caused breakouts. That was almost six years ago and I swore to myself not to use EB products. It was the price you get with super cheap products, I guess.

But since time had passed and things had changed, I gave them another try. This time I bought their BB Cream which is for oily/matured skins.  And it’s cheap!

They have two kinds of B.B. Creams – the purple one is for whitening and the natural (the pink box) is for oily and matured skin.

You can see on the image at the right side is the contrast of the B.B. Cream against my skin tone.   It was pasty white on my skin with pinkish tone (for Asian/Filipina skin yellow tone is better, I think, because it blends well), but it adjusted after a minute or two. After the BB Cream adjusted, my skin looked luminous and fresh!

Slightly covers my blemishes but brightens my complexion.

Slightly covers my blemishes but brightens my complexion. The second picture looks like I overdid  it, right? But I only used a drop on my face. I need to wait for a minute or two to let the BB settle (see 3rd picture).

To avoid looking like you are wearing cake flour instead of B.B. cream, apply only a tiny amount on your face. Put dots on your T-zone and C-Zone. It has a slight matte finish and you’ll look oil-free for about 3-4 hours.

If you apply finishing powder then it will last for 5 hours at most. Unless, you sweat a lot. Try using Ellana’s Oil Absorbing Loose Mineral Finishing Powder (for Normal to Oily Skin) to make the B.B. Cream last longer.

Surprisingly, I like this product. I use this all the time because it controls oil on my face. I used this once during my PE class (it was 8am) to test if it will melt or fade. To my surprise, I actually looked good after my PE class! My skin looks radiant and fresh! It was already noon when I had to reapply again.

What I don’t like about this product is the paraben ingredients and the fragrance.

Parabens (methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, butylparabens) are preservatives that are commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products (from shampoos to cleansers and toothpastes). For oily and acne skins, parabens don’t have any harm on our skin. But some studies show that parabens can cause cancer. Parabens, according to studies, are mostly found in cancerous tumors. Many Filipino brands now a days advertise their products as “parabens free” because of the campaign to eliminate parabens from products (that’s why I prefer organic). Here are some articles about parabens: [1] [2] [3] [4] [][5]

The scent  reminds me of my grandmother – overpowering and strong granny perfume (I’m not insulting you grandma). For acne prone skin, it is better to avoid products with strong fragrances, especially artificial fragrances.

My verdict:  3.5 hearts over 5.



149.75php for 30ml at any HBC/Hortaleza stores.

149.75php for 30ml at any HBC/Hortaleza stores.

I never tried any San-San products before, so this was my first. The only knowledge that I have about San-San is that Kris Aquino endorsed this brand years ago.

HBC is a popular company in the Philippines that produces a vast range of skin care and cosmetic lines —from hair dyes to intimate wash and many more for affordable prices.

San-San B.B. Cream has only one shade, which is dark beige with pinkish tone. It is very dark contrast against my skin tone. The pinkish tone also high lights the contrast even more!

The cream is also thick that you only need a small drop for your whole face. Its consistency is thick but with sheer to medium coverage. It is also oily and it stains! Try touching your face with your thumb, then press your thumb on a clean sheet of paper, viola! There’s your thumb print. Don’t forget to wash your hands too.

Covers my blemish slightly.

Covers my blemishes slightly.

To avoid the cake texture and shine of the cream, apply a small amount on your face and neck then finish it off with a face powder. Try using anti-shine and oil free face powders.

As you can see on the image at the right side, the BB Cream adjusted to my skin tone after a minute or two. But after an hour or so, my face got super oily and the BB Cream melted. It had a nice finish and covered my blemishes well without looking like I caked my face with powder.

What I don’t like about this product is its one shade. San-San doesn’t have any other shade for their BB Cream. Thank goodness it adjusted well on my skin.

My verdict: 3.5 hearts over 5.

I like their packaging though, very classy. However the pump is a total failure, because it is difficult to pump the cream out of the pack. And when it comes out, it goes out splashing everywhere!



299php for 29grams/ml at any Fanny Serano/Fashion 21 stalls.

299php for 29grams/ml at any Fanny Serano/Fashion 21 stalls. In oriental shade.

I love Fanny Serrano‘s cosmetic line, especially Fashion 21. His products compliments my skin. A quick info about Fanny Serrano:  he is a well-renowned makeup artist and hair stylist in the Philippines. His clients are politicians to showbiz celebrities. His products are slightly expensive for students but very affordable relatively to the market. Although, his Fashion 21 line is cheaper and more for students.Fanny Serrano BB Cream

First things first, I love the packaging. It’s black, elegant looking and the noose is narrow perfect for squeezing out the cream. The tone is in Oriental which has a yellow undertone that is perfect for Filipina skins. It blends well on my skin that I almost couldn’t tell (or feel) if I’m wearing anything on my face.

It doesn’t have a matte effect on my oily skin nor covers my blemishes well, (I need face powders for that) but just like any BB Creams it makes my skin luminous and fresh looking. The effect lasts for about 2-3 hours depending on the heat of the day and how much I sweat. If I’m not sweating it will last for 3-4 hours.

My Verdict: 3.5 hearts out of 5.  I have nothing more to say.


Shawill Collagen BB Cream for 258php at any Shawill stalls

Shawill Collagen BB Cream #2 shade for 258php at any Shawill stalls

Shawill BB Cream test

Look how bad my acne scars and blemishes. On the bottom picture you can see it was slightly covered by Shawill BB Cream. This BB Cream has a slight glossy effect on my skin. Probably because of the collagen?

The saleslady at the stall didn’t know either if Shawill is a Filipino brand or a Chinese brand. But since it says at the back of the box “Siloran Cosmetics, Hong Kong”, well, it is a Chinese product.

I haven’t used any Shawill cosmetics yet. Just tested some of their foundations and blushers at their stalls from time to time. That is why, at first, I’m a little apprehensive to buy their BB Cream.

First thing first, what is collagen? I see a lot of Korean, Chinese and Japanese products with “collagen” on their labels. What is it? All I know is the one I learned in biology.

Collagen is composed of amino acids, which in turn built  of  carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Collagen has specific amino acids such as glycine, proline, hydroxypoline,  and argine (what?). It is found in animals especially in flesh and tissues of mammals. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity. (For more information, go here)

Going back to the BB Cream…

The BB Cream has a slight pink tone, but perhaps it was just the light in my room when I tested it. At the mall it looked like it had yellow tone. Anyway, it blends well on my skin.

Just like San-San BB Cream, it has this foundation-like texture. Naked eyes can tell by looking closely that I am wearing something on my face.

It doesn’t have a matte effect, so an anti-shine/oil powder will do the trick. The shine-free effect will last for about 2 to 3 hours. Two things that I like about this BB are it does make my face look fresh and it’s on the right shade. It also doesn’t melt.

My Verdict: 4 hearts out of 5



150php for 35ml at Robinson Metro East Department Store. This is in #2 shade Light Beige.

This is the cheapest Korean BB Cream that I used. Although, I’m regretting buying this – not because it’s a load of crap – but this is not suitable for oily skin. It says, “Water Gloss BB Cream” which gives a glossy look on my face. Ugh. But my sister uses this sometimes with L’Oreal’s BB Cream and Garnier’s Eye Roll BB Cream.

Fresh from shower! I took my photos using a cheap Kodak camera that has been with me for many years. I hope you can see the difference. Shawill BB Cream has the same light reflector thing going on, too.

Fresh from shower! I took my photos using a cheap Kodak camera that has been with me for many years. I hope you can see the difference. Shawill BB Cream has the same light reflector thing going on, too.

Ever wonder why Korean actresses have this glossy/watery shine look especially on pictures? Well, this BB Cream has that effect. It will have that glossy and shine effect on your skin making you look youthful and dewy. However, since my skin is oily and acne prone the result looks a bit ridiculous. It’s not very glossy at first, but as time passes by and my skin becomes oily the effect is obvious. Although, it reflects light beautifully thus the “glossy” look. To avoid the shiny effect after a few hours, you have to use an anti-shine face powder.

It doesn’t have a whitening effect nor a too-thick-foundation like texture, but it does makes my skin radiant (not as much as Snoe S Skin BB Cream, though). It also has a little shimmer which adds to the glossy look.

The effect of this BB Cream (see the bottom picture on the right side) only lasts for about 1-2 hours, then it fades and it doesn’t look good anymore. This is the only BB Cream that I put at least 2 layers on just to make sure it’ll last long and it will cover  my face. I only use this when I don’t have to stay outside the house for too long.

This BB Cream is great for those with flawless skin, I swear! This looks good on my sister and she has this radiant skin all day! The L’Oreal BB Cream also works great on her.

My Verdict: 2.5 hearts out 5

Snoe S Skin BB Vitamin – E with SPF 30

This is in shade #2 and you can buy it at any Snoe stalls for 249php for 40ml.

This is in shade #2 and you can buy it at any Snoe stalls for 249php for 40ml.

Snoe released a cosmetic line last year which made me super excited. The problem is they don’t have that much stores nationwide, but I was glad to see that they had a stall inside Cinderella at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall! Right away I bought their BB Cream and their sunblock cream. Their price range is from 150 to 1,500 pesos. Their products now a days seems very expensive though, especially their cosmetic line.

My friend introduced me to Snoe two years ago. She bought their eyeliner dip which she loved. It was waterproof (although it wasn’t indicated) with high pigmentation and smooth application. She wore it at the beach when we were in Pangasinan and, lo and behold, it didn’t come off! Plus, their packaging is cute! Definitely on par with Korean and Japanese packaging.

On the other hand, I bought their Handy Candy Lip Color, which was very nice to use if you want your lips to look healthy.

This drop of BB cream is enough for my whole face.

This drop of BB cream is actually too much for my whole face.

On to the BB Cream: Well, the first thing I noticed about this product is the amount inside the tiny tube. It is full of air! My hand cream, which is only 30ml, has more solution inside its tiny, tiny tube than this one. I bought it for 249php!

I bought the number 2 shade, which I realized I should have bought the number 3 shade instead, because it’s too light for my skin tone. However, at this point whether I bought #2 or #3 doesn’t matter, because it slightly adjusts to my skin tone. Sometimes my makeup tends to darken on my skin, so a shade or two lighter than my skin tone is advisable.

Looks how my skin looks alive!

Look how my skin looks alive! But looking at this picture made me want to run that treadmill.

After applying a thin layer of the BB cream, my skin looks radiant and healthy! You’ll never know I sleep at 5 am everyday. Yes, it’s quite lighter than my skin tone, but it blends well on my face that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing something. It is also slightly matte.

I will definitely use this BB Cream everyday!

This doesn’t smell like chemicals nor does this smell like my grandmother, but it has this subtle perfume. It isn’t sweet nor flowery but it does smell like a perfume.

My Verdict: 4 hearts out of 5

Website: (you can check the ingredients here too)

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